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While working as an Alcohol & Drug Counselor at an extended residential treatment facility, our founding president, Jeff Gilbert, witnessed many of the same individuals bounce back and forth from the streets, to jails, to institutions and back to treatment. Some ended up in prisons, while others languished on long waiting lists for a residential bed, and others died before they could return to treatment. Those who successfully completed short-term, highly-structured programs were often sent to transitional housing with virtually no structure or supportive services. A facility providing the appropriate level of care for this population simply did not exist. Jeff, his wife Janet, and Jeff's mother, Carolyn Duetsch, opened Hope for Tomorrow, Inc. to fill this void in the Continuum of Care.

Hope For Tomorrow is licensed through the Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Substance Use Prevention & Recovery (SUPR) and is a member of the Illinois Association of Extended Care (IAEC).


Administrative & Support Staff President & Executive/Clinical Director:
Jeff Gilbert, M.A., C.A.D.C., P.C.G.C., CODP

Medical Director: Dr. Bill Gossman, M.D.

Vice President: Janet Gilbert

Asst. to the Executive Director/Case Manager: Tim Simms, MSW, C.A.D.C., CODP

Office Help, Telemarketing & Mailing: Community Volunteers Each house employs a House Manager whose primary duties include the day-to-day monitoring of HFT's policies and procedures to ensure that the safety, structure, support, and sobriety of their residence is intact.


The following is a timeline of Hope for Tomorrow’s background, as well as the addition of licensed clinical services, since its inception in 1999.


Year Services Comments
1999 Acquired (leased) first home & provided structured, sober support to 5 men. Witnessed void in Kane County’s Continuum of Care: Opened first home to fill this void.
2001 Transitioned first home from 5 male beds to 8 male beds. Demand for services continued to rise, so we increased bed space to fulfill need in community.
2002 Acquired (leased) second home. Increased services to 16 male beds. Implemented a mandatory relapse prevention group 2 times per week.  Acquired State of Illinois licensure for Recovery Homes, as well as licensure for Level I & Level II (IOP) substance abuse/mental health treatment, DUI evaluations, early intervention, remedial education, and compulsive gambling counseling. 
2003 Acquired (leased) two homes to serve an additional 15 men. Maintained relapse prevention group 2 times per week. Also, conducted dialectical counseling group 1 time per week. Provided highly-structured, clinically-managed, long-term (6 months+) supportive residential services to 31 men seeking recovery from various compulsive behaviors.
2004 Acquired (leased) one home and opened a women’s Recovery Home Program (RHP), serving 7 females.  The acquisition of this property increased capacity to 38 residential beds (31 male & 7 female).
2006 Transitioned one of the men’s homes into an Independent Living Program (ILP) for clients who completed RHP.  Client’s felt the need to advance their recovery, but we felt that long-term outcomes could improve with the ILP. Therefore, this program was created to meet the client’s need to advance, yet maintain structure in their life. 
2009 Transitioned one of the men’s RHP into a home designed to meet the needs of eight (8) U.S. Veterans. Veterans returning from Operation Enduring Freedom & Operation Iraqi Freedom were/are presenting with severe mental health and substance use disorders. 
2010 - Present HFT was awarded a HUD grant for the acquisition of two properties. One serves as our corporate office and the other is a Recovery Home Program for fourteen (14) homeless veterans struggling with war-borne trauma and substance use disorders. Provides long-term residential services to 23 adult males, 14 U.S. veterans suffering from substance use and mental health disorders, as well as counseling services listed above. 
Hope For Tomorrow

For more information, please send an email to Hope For Tomorrow

Funding provided, in part, by the Illinois Department of Human Services. Division of Substance Use Prevention & Recovery (SUPR), and Veteran Affairs.

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